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Mom Wind Chimes and a Bottomless Pit of Sadness (HD, TV-14) Christy, Bonnie, Jill and Wendy are forced to deal with the realities of addiction relapse when the four of them inadvertently eat marijuana-laced cookies.
Two and a Half Men That's Why They Call It 'Ball Room' (HD, TV-14) When Charlie introduces the thought of a pre-nuptial agreement, he is shocked to discover that Chelsea may have just as much need for one as he does.
Two and a Half Men Of Course He's Dead - Part Two (HD, TV-14) Alan Harper and Walden Schmidt's hunt for an ideal life and true love comes to a close, and yet the question of whether Charlie Harper is alive arises.
The Goldbergs Revenge O' The Nerds (HD, TV-14) Beverly decides to reinvent herself and quits her job as a substitute teacher; Erica has trouble with balancing her academic and social life in college.
The Goldbergs I Heart Video Dating (HD, TV-PG) Erica and Lainey attempt to find Bill an interesting woman using a new dating technology; the pair enlists Adam to create a demo reel.
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White Nights (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A renowned ballet dancer who defected from the Soviet Union finds himself in a precarious position when his plane is forced to land in Soviet territory.

Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force Catch Me If You Can (HD, TV-14) ICE Supervisor Kilbride and his team investigate a dangerous fugitive who was convicted for armed robbery and assault and deported ten years ago.
Killing Spree The Suffolk Strangler (Repeat, TV-14) An examination on the case of the Suffolk Strangler, including the upbringing and events that drove him to a senseless killing spree; fork-lift driver.
Killer Profile Timothy Krajcir (HD, TV-14) The case of convicted serial killer Timothy Krajcir, a former Navy serviceman who murdered nine women in the late 1970s and early '80s, is profiled.
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« Unsolved History Killing Hitler (HD, TV-PG) On July 20th, 1944, members of Hitler's General Staff attempted to assassinate their leader and his henchmen in order to overthrow Nazi Germany.
Most Daring Midnight Madness (TV-14) An employee working the graveyard shift decides to fight back when a thief attempts to rob the store; a bonfire gets out of control.
Yukon Gold Looking Back (TV-PG) The miners take a special look back at some of the high and low points of their respective seasons and reveal certain plans for more profitable mines.
Auction Kings Edison Phonograph; Ali-Frazier Boxing Gloves (HD, TV-PG) The crew auctions off a Mercedes and an Edison Morning Glory Phonograph; the Garretts bring in a display that commemorates a noteworthy boxing match.
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